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NEW! Beginner Castañuelas Class!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Do you love castanets? Have you always wanted to learn to play them in a fun, low-stress environment? Then come join our beginner class!

Castanets are the quintessential complemento (prop) in flamenco. When we think of flamenco, we think of castanets.

“When I first started playing castanets, it seemed like I would never be able to play them well. I was missing lots of sounds and coordinating the hands and footwork together was so difficult! But I realized with time and practice everyone can learn to play them!”

Advice for Playing Castanets

My advice is to play for five minutes every day, or every other day. If you commit to practicing a little each day, your fingers get stronger and suddenly you'll realize your playing castanets! Start slowly and deliberately in a stress-free manner, and let yourself just explore how to play them and how to get each sound.

For those with arthritic hands or weaker hands and fingers, castanets build strength and help ease the discomfort of arthritis. So castanets can be learned and playing at any age! They're a great way to strengthen hands and fingers, as well as challenge your mind to think about multiple things at once.

So come try our castanets class! We have castanets you can borrow. ¡Olé!

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