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NEW! Beginner Flamenco Dance Class

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Have you always wanted to learn flamenco? Are you captivated by the passion, footwork, artistry? Now is the best time to try our beginner class!

When I attended my first day of flamenco classes in Seville, Spain, I was terrified! So I know how intimidating learning something new can be. I bring that understanding to all of my classes - creating a welcoming and friendly environment, while helping my students achieve their flamenco goals.

“Katie is a wonderful instructor. She is encouraging, patient, and kind. I like that she listened to us and would repeat the same move over and over until we felt comfortable.”

About Our Beginner Class

In this class we focus on flamenco technique which includes zapateado (footwork), braceo (arm placements), hand flourishes and movements, vueltas (turns), marcajes (marking steps) and body placement. I'm interested in creating competent and confident flamenco dancers, which means an intense focus on technique. Each week we build on the previous week and the exercises get progressively more complicated, in a low-stress, yet challenging way!

We also build a Tangos choreography in this class. Tangos, believed to have originated in the colorful Triana neighborhood in Sevilla, is a sexy, flirty and cheeky palo (style). It's also a 4/4 rhythm, which makes it more accessible for beginner dancers. But not to worry, we have lots of punches of footwork and rematés (little bursts of percussion) throughout the piece to keep you on your toes!

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