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¡Flamenco Fascinación!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Our first show after/during/? the pandemic was a success! We performed for the first time at the Regent Street Black Box and it was incredible to be in such a lovely venue.

It was our first experience in a professional theater, with professional sound and lighting. Thanks to the Salt Lake City Arts Council Career Empowerment Grant, we were able to present our art in an intimate and inspirational setting.

“Our favorite piece was the Bulerías! It was so different and interesting to see a piece without guitar accompaniment and Jake's singing was so fun and lively!”

We presented many new palos at this show - a dry, or seco Bulerías was a departure from our normal pieces. A seco piece is performed without guitar accompaniment, so Sandy and Jake both played palmas (clapped) to accompany Jake's singing and Katie danced within the compás (rhythm). It's the most complicated palo due to it's speed and rhythmic complexity and for many in the audience it was their favorite number!

An Evening of Traditional Flamenco

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