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Passion. Precision. Grace.

About Flamenco del Lago



In 2014, Katie moved to Sevilla to study with the world's best dancers. It was the scariest thing she's ever done! During that time there were many tears, aching muscles and blistered feet, but she emerged more determined than ever to pursue her dream of teaching and performing flamenco. Katie is eternally grateful to the many maestr@s that taught her in Spain. When she returned to Salt Lake City in 2015, she founded the non-profit organization, Flamenco del Lago.

Katie currently teaches at Studio Zamarad and the University of Utah and is a regular guest instructor at the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts. She's also taught for The Living Traditions Festival, the Salt Lake Arts Academy, Bryant Middle School, Liberty Elementary School, Nibley Park School, Draper Senior Center, Mt. Olympus Senior Center, and the Osher Institute at the University of Utah.

Flamenco del Lago es una organización dedicado al flamenco instrucción y espectáculos profesionales en Salt Lake City, Utah. Katie Sheen Abbott es una bailaora y la directora del Flamenco del Lago. Estudió flamenco para mucho años y más reciente en Sevilla, España con Luisa Palacio, Milagros Mengibar, Angel Atienza y El Choro. 

Director & Instructor


Katie Sheen-Abbott

Katie has been dancing forever, growing up in Utah she studied ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop. In 2004, she took a Sevillanas class and fell in love with flamenco!

In 2014-15, she lived in Sevilla and studied with many maestr@s: Luisa Palacio, Angel Atienza, El Choro and Milagros Mengibar. Her favorite complementos are the mantón (shawl) and the Bata de Cola.

Our Musicians


Jake Abbott, PhD 

Guitarist and Cantaor

Jake Abbott lived in Sevilla, Spain for one year, which provided him a great deal of exposure to and appreciation for the art of flamenco. He has studied singing with Jesús Corbacho and flamenco guitar with Calvin Hazen and Mario Febres.


Sandy Meek, PhD


Sandy has studied music since elementary school and has played Argentine tango and flamenco for many years. For the past six years he has played lead guitar with Flamenco del Lago and he has studied flamenco guitar at the Flamenco Festival of Albuquerque.

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