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Our 6th Annual Flamenco Fiesta was amazing! ¡Muchisimas gracias a tod@s!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We had our 6th Annual Student Showcase and Flamenco Fiesta in February of 2023! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the Flamenco del Lago community! We're so grateful for all of the community support we received! ¡Muchisimas gracias a tod@s!

We SOLD OUT the Regent Street Black Box! The Flamenco community continues to grow and thrive in Salt Lake and Utah more broadly.

Thanks to ZAP for their continued support and thanks to the Utah Division of Arts and Museums and to Salt Lake City for their continued support of Flamenco del Lago. Vamo' ya!

Contact us to join classes, we have a lovely group of dancers and musicians and all levels are welcome!

“You know that phrase "Empowered woman empower women?" That was the vibe in rehearsal yesterday. Such a great group of ladies. Thank you for all of your hard work and for creating such a positive environment!” - current student of Flamenco del Lago

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